Q: I thought Drivers Education was offered by the School District ?
A: In 2002 the Iowa DOT along w/ IA Dept of Education decided for the program to be overseen by the IA DOT. Their mission is to promote consistency of material being covered in the classroom and behind the wheel.

Q: How come I know of some students taking it thru the DBQ Community School System?
A:The program being taught out of the high schools, is administered by NICC. The Drivers Education teachers are employed by NICC and using the facilities of the High Schools for convenience.

Q: How come your program is more than NICC’s program?
A:  Even though this is a required course for all new drivers younger than 18 years old, we are still a small business. Our direct costs are allocated by the number of students we enroll. NICC can allocate their costs from their whole student body.

Q: What is required for Class? 

A: Your student must have a valid Instructional Permit. At least 30 hours of Classroom instruction. At least 6 hours of behind the wheel training and observation. Regardless of which driver’s education program you enroll in, this is mandatory, and state regulated. 

Q: Can my student take online courses to make up for class time?

A: At this time, the IA DMV DOES NOT ACCEPT online driver’s education courses.

Q: What happens if my student cannot make one or two of your scheduled classes?

A: Your student can make up 2 classroom classes, up to 30 days after their registered session has commenced. Make up classes are to be pre- excused prior to missing the class. However, understand the makeup class will be specific to the class missed, and until class(s) are made up, the certificate of completion will be held. Failure to make up class with in the 30 days of session commencement will result in forfeit of class and tuition. Any further questions on this and what dates the make up classes would be for the following month, contact Susie Quinn at squinndda@gmail.com

Q: What is the age range for this class?

A: 14-18 years of age

Q: Can my student sign up with a driving partner?

A: Yes, your student can sign up with one other driving partner. Indicate the partner registration sheet. In fact, if you sign up with a partner you have first priority to pick your 6 driving labs times. 

Q: Do we have to be a member of the Dubuque Community YMCA/YWCA to take this class?

A: No

Q: If I decide to take the Insurance Discount; What do I all need to do? 

A: Before the first day of class, the following is required: A filled out insurance application (you receive this in an email once you register) and the first page of your insurance binder. (this is what states your insurance limits and deductibles). You can either scan in or mail them to the P.O. Box.. Once received, An agent will reach out to you with your quote. 

Q: I'm confused about the drop off/ pick up locations? 

A: During the school year we intend to pick up your student from the High School they attend. However, We will only drop off at the high school if the parent/ guardian is aware  the doors may be locked to get into high school. It is best to choose the location where you would prefer to pick your student up after their drive. Any more specific questions on drop off / pick up, reach out to Susie Quinn via email. 

Q: Why can't you just drop my student off at their home?

A: While we are wiling to work with parents/guardians on pick up / drop off, please realize our drives have specific teachings going on in each one of them. If we are more concerned in getting them to your home, this could take away from specific teachings. We also have back to back drives, driving out of our area could cause a delay with the drive that is scheduled behind yours.